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At this page you will see all of my recent works with video previews & links to demo versions of the sites. Often I work on my test server so I can keep initial state of the project before passing it to the client. It helps me to demonstrate my work in future & allows me to easily restore my work if something goes wrong on the client's side.

html & css work for the Part-up project

In this project the work was about changing a layout of existing bootstrap powered page & fixing some issues with html & css.

Initial state of the pages was pretty flat & almost nothing could to catch your eye.

I’ve started with layout changes, added a jumbotrone with some background & buttons & put some fixes here & there. Also menu layout & behavior was rearranged.

As for the responsive view it was pretty much the same flat page before the update. Anyway, jumbotron, menus & other changes fit pretty well on mobile screens.

Also, the changes on inner pages of the site also included in the work. In addition to the jumbotrone & menus, the changes on social buttons & headers was made there.

The work was done in time & the client was fully satisfied with it.

Visual Composer upgrades & creation of the portfolio template for

Hello, this project was about adding some extra functions to the Visual Composer WordPress plugin & building with it a transferable template.

To accomplish this goal I’ve made various changes to the standard components such as rows & texts.But that was not all. In my work I’ve added four completely new components which can be used to build some custom blocks such as flip sliders, video sliders & couple of fancy effects on buttons.

You can use this components as any other Visual composer component. And even more, you can transfer them to another wordpress installation in couple of simple steps.

The work was done in time & the client was very satisfied with it.

AngularJS filter for «Digital Rhinos» company

In this project the client needed me to developing an AngularJS filter for one of the pages at his website.

In the start there was a bunch of articles mapped with link anchors & left-side hover menu to navigate thru them.

The client needed me to develop a filter with finite number of options. The filter needs to be fast & relatively lightweight.

So, I decided to use AngularJS. And as you can see it was success.

The filter response is almost instant, there is no glitches & all of my work was packed in form of a WordPress plugin so it can’t be erased by theme or CMS updates.

The client was happy with the filter & gave me another project.

Swiss Benefits visa insurance company site

This project was about full-scale website development. It was relatively big and involved not only me but my partner designer too.

So, the project was started from mockups & designs. And only after all of this preparations was done, and approved by the client, the time of my work has come.

In general, all of the development could be divided in two parts: front-end & back-end.

So, for the start I’ve transferred all of the designs into the HTML pages & only after that step I’ve proceeded to the backend coding.

The WordPress was chosen to be the CMS but there was some issues. To fully meet client’s needs I had to develop some custom features such as FAQ & partners edit pages.

I’m not a fan of installing dozens of plugins, so, most of the work was done by my own hands. The only plugin that was used was about adding multilingual functionality to the website.

Anyway, the project was successfully handed over to the client. Everything was fine & that project inspired me to completely rebuild my portfolio website.

Open demo site

Calico Spanish learning platform

In this case I’ll show you my work for learning platform website.

The task was about developing four landing pages based on PSD templates.

The trick part of the task was that I had to develop the landings within Genesis WordPress framework. Also the landings had to be built in the manner so any of them could be used to produce new landings without any big troubles & code modification.

I’ve ended up using standard wordpress page template functionality with help of some Genesis related hooks.

All four landings were built successfully, the client was happy about them & have built by now about 6 modifications of them in a form of new landing pages.

New Zealand Kung Fu School website

The key aspect of this work was in converting old website into the wordpress without losing any of pages or designs.

The initial site was built using Ruby On Rails. And sure there was no way of automatically converting it into a php based CMS such as WordPress.

So, I had to load all of the html pages one by one from the server. After that with minor adjustments to the markup I’ve built offline version of the site which was used as a starting point of the convertion.

Firstly, I’ve built a set of templates for each of the page types & after the site structure was built successfully I’ve started to copy all of the texts & images.

Also, I have built a custom functionality for some special areas of the site such as event calendar or testimonials.

In the end I have recorded a set of video tutorials on managing the site & have built them into the dashboard of the admin panel.

The client was happy with my work & especially liked tutorials part, because the system turned out quite complicated in the end.

Open demo site

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