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My portfolio

At this page you will see all of my recent works with video previews & links to demo versions of the sites.

Often I work on my test server so I can keep initial state of the project before passing it to the client.

It helps me to demonstrate my work in future & allows me to easily restore my work if something goes wrong on the client's side.

Decoration line
Decoration line

Promo website

for AI related business

Yet another project made in collaboration together with Flyingsaucer studio. This time, the client need to build highly attractive but clean website powered with some video & effects.

As the main front end animation tool I choose CSS3 because it helps to cut some resource expenses & enlarge the audience with support of a low performance devices. The back end as usual was powered with WordPress system & its native customizer feature which was upgraded & expanded to support edits on every text & image of the website keeping the layout intact.

The whole development process took about two weeks. Also because of the careful implementation of designed animations & videos the promo website turned out to be a huge success leading the client to new customers & investors.

Clean & simple

AI related website

for agentIQ company

This time the client kept the whole backend on their own side, so this collaborative project together with Flyingsaucer studio was solely frontend oriented. However it still required a lot of animations on pages to attract people.

Most of the animations was quite complex & taking it into account the most of them was implemented in a form of simple & relatively lightweight MP4 videos. It helped to keep the pages within the design despite the very strict deadlines. On the other hand, all of the simple effects were made using CSS3 functionality to cut the resource demands of the website a bit.

In the end, we met all of the requirements & deadlines which helped the client to plan their schedule more easily & attracted more investors & user into their project. The whole development process took less than a week.

Promo website

for drone related startup

Another website with lots of visual effects made in collaboration with the Flyingsaucer studio. This time they came to me with the design and stated that the main feature should be video backgrounds & animation effects, which helps to demonstrate client’s technologies for the potential investors.

To lower the resource requirements I used CSS3 animations & set up come conditional logic to show the high performance videos only on those devices which have plenty of memory. As for the backend part, the WordPress customizer was used expanded with bunch of panels & options in order to keep most of the content editable.

All of this led to the website being quite attractive, yet simple, still providing access to its contents not only on desktops, but also on many tablets & budget phones. That alone increased their audience & helped to find more investors.

The development process took me about a week for the frontend part & another one for the backend, which was perfectly fit within the client’s timeline and made our collaborative work together with Flyingsaucer studio a huge success leading to new contracts.

WordPress website

heavily animated

for AI related company

The key feature of the project was highly animated frontend, because it was one of the main feature to show the company as a group of professionals & lead new customers to their service.

This project was made as an outsource one for the Flyingsaucer studio, so they came to me with complete design & a bunch of requirements for the animations.

Taking it into account CSS3 was chosen as the main tool to power up all of the animations, because it helps to keep the code cleaner & makes the whole system less resource greedy. As for the WordPress, the main tool for content edits was native customizer, which was expanded to support all of the texts & images which had to be editable.

In the end the CSS3 approach helped website to be accessible on many budget devices keeping all of the fancy animation intact. Moreover, the WordPress integration was a success helping a content manager to save here time.

All in all, the development process took me roughly two weeks, which ended up with client to be more than happy about the website & my collaboration with the Flyingsaucer continued.

Blog website

for a small IT startup

Every startup out there needs some sort of presentation & Bytext Solutions needed it more than any other.

The best way to do it was through creating a simple website with the blog, where the client and his developers could post day-to-day experience & workflow in order to keep investors up to date. Also it had to be visually appealing, so the designer’s work was involved.

Obviously, the key feature of the site was the blog and its ability to summarize recent activity & work progress made by the team. The best solution for such purpose, of course, is the WordPress engine. So it was used to build the site. Alongside with establishing a hosting & a fresh WP install, the custom made theme was developed based on the designs provided by the client.

Actually, Bytex Solutions is the small company & it can’t afford to spend big portion of budget just to create a blog, so the WordPress solution was a great way to save the money. More than that, extremely user-friendly admin panel & highly customizable theme turned to be a very successful part of the project.

In the end it took me about a week to transfer the designs into HTML & another week to develop a customizable theme. Of course there were some delays, but most of them were due to the customer taking some time to decide on a feature or functionality. Anyway, the Bytex Solutions got a very clean & manageable blog and the client alongside with his investors were more than happy about it.

Quiz plugin

for a wordpress based

educational website

This project was started because of the client's demand for an easily manageable & custom plugin which can provide a functionality to create & output as many quizzes with multiple questions & answers as their standard demands.

Apart from the manageability there was a need for system to be friendly towards inexperienced content managers so most of its interfaces should been self-explanatory & less confusing as possible. Moreover, since the amount of the quizzes are only growing with time, the certain level of flexibility required from the system.

Taking the said above into account, the angular library was chosen as a key instrument to build on it the whole plugin. Apart from that, relatively new native API feature of the WordPress was used for inner communication & for possible expandability of the quiz system.

In the end, the plugin helped to build complex & vast system for students to study the topics & potentially pass their exams using the generated quiz pages which in the end provided PDF files sent to the teachers & managers. It certainly helped to save the company a bunch of money on hours of content managers’ work because previously every test was composed manually using visual editing plugins such as Visual Composer. Now, creating a new test is only a matter of an hour or two.

The developing process took about a month because there were a lot of tests with the managers, but in the end the plugin was finished & the client was more than satisfied by the work done.

Clean and simple

promo website

for a Mortgage Originator

The client came to me with the simple & clean HTML theme bought from themeforest & asked me to integrate it into the Wordpress system.

Despite the task being quite bold, there were a couple of requirements such as the process of content management should be less complex as possible & the reviews of the client’s work from another service should be integrated into couple of pages.

All in all, the admin panel was simplified to the native WordPress theme customizer, because the client did not like the complexity of the Visual Composer & the other plugins like it. As for the integration of the reviews, the simple JS & a bunch of style did the trick with the integrated code.

Being sole entrepreneur, the client wanted to cut some expenses on development process, so hiring me was a huge success for him, since he did not want to hire a whole studio for such a small website. Despite that fact, the site itself was made with a good quality & he still uses it as his main promo website.

In the end the development process was finished within a week leaving the client with great promo website & a bunch of saved money which was used for promoting his services offline.

HTML & CSS work

For the Part-up project

In this project the work was about changing a layout of existing bootstrap powered page & fixing some issues with HTML & CSS.

Initial state of the pages was pretty flat & almost nothing could to catch your eye.

I’ve started with layout changes, added a jumbotrone with some background & buttons & put some fixes here & there. Also menu layout & behavior was rearranged.

As for the responsive view it was pretty much the same flat page before the update. Anyway, jumbotron, menus & other changes fit pretty well on mobile screens.

Also, the changes on inner pages of the site also included in the work. In addition to the jumbotrone & menus, the changes on social buttons & headers was made there.

The work was done in time & the client was fully satisfied with it.

Visual Composer

upgrades & creation

of the portfolio template

for www.kimvall.com

This project was about adding some extra functions to the Visual Composer Wordpress plugin & building with it a transferable template.

To accomplish this goal I’ve made various changes to the standard components such as rows & texts.But that was not all. In my work I’ve added four completely new components which can be used to build some custom blocks such as flip sliders, video sliders & couple of fancy effects on buttons.

You can use this components as any other Visual composer component. And even more, you can transfer them to another wordpress installation in couple of simple steps.

The work was done in time & the client was very satisfied with it.

AngularJS filter

for «Digital Rhinos» company

In this project the client needed me to develop an AngularJS filter for one of the pages at his website.

In the start there was a bunch of articles mapped with link anchors & left-side hover menu to navigate thru them.

The client needed me to develop a filter with finite number of options. The filter needs to be fast & relatively lightweight.

So, I decided to use AngularJS. And as you can see it was success.

The filter response is almost instant, there is no glitches & all of my work was packed in form of a WordPress plugin so it can’t be erased by theme or CMS updates.

The client was happy with the filter & gave me another project.

Swiss Benefits visa

Insurance company site

This project was about full-scale website development. It was relatively big and involved not only me but my partner designer too

So, the project was started from mockups & designs. And only after all of this preparations was done, and approved by the client, the time of my work has come.

In general, all of the development could be divided in two parts: front-end & back-end.

So, for the start I’ve transferred all of the designs into the HTML pages & only after that step I’ve proceeded to the backend coding.

The WordPress was chosen to be the CMS but there was some issues. To fully meet client’s needs I had to develop some custom features such as FAQ & partners edit pages.

I’m not a fan of installing dozens of plugins, so, most of the work was done by my own hands. The only plugin that was used was about adding multilingual functionality to the website.

Anyway, the project was successfully handed over to the client. Everything was fine & that project inspired me to completely rebuild my portfolio website.

Calico Spanish

Learning platform

About couple of years I was responsible for converting different landing pages for the platform, creating new content pages inside the system & managing old ones.

So, this is the case about my work for learning platform website.

The task was about developing four landing pages based on PSD templates.

The trick part of the task was that I had to develop the landings within Genesis WordPress framework. Also the landings had to be built in the manner so any of them could be used to produce new landings without any big troubles & code modification.

I’ve ended up using standard wordpress page template functionality with help of some Genesis related hooks.

All four landings were built successfully, the client was happy about them & have built by now about 6 modifications of them in a form of new landing pages.

New Zealand Kung Fu

School website

The key aspect of this work was about converting an old website into the Wordpress system without losing any of the pages and keeping all of the designs intact.

The initial site was built using Ruby On Rails. And sure there was no way of automatically converting it into a php based CMS such as WordPress.

So, I had to load all of the html pages one by one from the server. After that with minor adjustments to the markup I’ve built offline version of the site which was used as a starting point of the convertion.

Firstly, I’ve built a set of templates for each of the page types & after the site structure was built successfully I’ve started to copy all of the texts & images.

Also, I have built a custom functionality for some special areas of the site such as event calendar or testimonials.

In the end I have recorded a set of video tutorials on managing the site & have built them into the dashboard of the admin panel.

The client was happy with my work & especially liked tutorials part, because the system turned out quite complicated in the end.