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Web Developer,

I have vast experience with frontend technologies with a focus on creating interactive and animated pages. Moreover, I have great expertise with various CMS, including headless ones like Contentful and popular ones like WordPress, so making a backend for your beautiful website is not a problem for me.

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  • CMS

  • CSS / CSS3 / Bootstrap

  • HTML / HTML5

  • JS / jQuery / React

  • PHP

  • Rest API

  • API

  • SVG graphics

  • Docker

  • Node.js

  • Site speed optimization

  • SEO

Here you can see
my skills

I’m a web developer for about six years by now. So, during that time I learned rich spectrum of skills required for delivering high quality work to my clients.

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Case study

Full website

WordPress website

The key feature of the project was highly animated frontend, because it was one of the main feature to show the company as a group of professionals & lead new customers to their service.


Quiz plugin

This project was started because of the client’s demand for an easily manageable & custom plugin which can provide a functionality to create & output as many quizzes with multiple questions & answers as their standard demands.


Calico Spanish

About couple of years I was responsible for converting different landing pages for the platform, creating new content pages inside the system & managing old ones.

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Are you

If you’re interested in my work or just want to chat, do not hesitate to contact me. I’m glad to talk to anybody!

Contact me now
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